University of Maryland Balloon Payload Program

We are the Balloon Payload Program at the University of Maryland (UMDBPP), a group for undergraduate and graduate students. We collect scientific data and test engineering concepts by flying high altitude balloons with payloads attached, an average of three to four times per semester. The majority of payloads we fly student-built, but we have also flown instrumentation and concepts for HAPL and a variety of outreach projects with different schools and student groups.

Our program loves new members! Willing to learn? We're willing to teach! If you're interested in learning skills like soldering, microcontroller programming, building PCB boards, or 3D printing, don't be afraid to reach out to one of the contacts on the Leaders page.

We always have work to do on our current payloads. Visit the Payloads page to learn more about the current lineup of payloads that are flying.

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